Tube Filling Services

In our Los Angeles facility, we have an RT60 squeeze tube filling line supplied by ProSys Innovative Packaging Equipment of Webb City, Missouri. The machine is capable of filling up to 60 tubes per minute and is capable of filling metal, plastic and laminate tube types.

TubesThe RT60 can handle viscosities to 3 million centipoise and multiple closure styles. “We selected the RT60 over other models because of the simple changeovers,” said Thomas Bacon, president and founder of Aaron Thomas. “It has a great combination of value and features.”

While this machine is suitable for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, our initial orders are for filling health care products. Tom continues, “The Aaron Thomas Company has always been interested in seeking partnerships and long-term relationships. We installed this line because several of our customers in the healthcare sector have requested this packaging service and didn’t want to go elsewhere.”

The addition of a tube filling line rounds out our other contract packaging services which include pouching, bagging, shrink wrapping, assembly and flow wrapping.

For more information on our tube filling service, please give us a call at 800-394-4776!