Bundle Wrapping Services

Our bundle wrapping services are ideal for consumer goods companies that want to produce 2, 4, 6, or 12 item multi-packs with attractive promotional messages targeted at retail and club store consumers.

The state-of-the-art bundle wrapping equipment (also known as bull’s-eye shrink packaging because of the open ends) recently installed at Aaron Thomas provides a cost-effective package with billboard-like graphics for high visual impact, and yet requires no cardboard carton, tray or pad.

Bundle Wrapping

Bundle WrappingIdeal for plastic and glass bottles, cans and jars of food, beverage, and household products, Aaron Thomas offers its services to shrink bundle multiple items into combo, variety and rainbow packs. Using print-registered polyethylene film, customers benefit from the opportunity to deliver promotional messages on both the package front and back for point-of-purchase impact. Bundle wrapping your product with printed film also gives great flexibility to quickly change couponing and advertising messages.

The unsupported shrink bundled multi-packs are produced with an exact placement of the printed message on each tightly wrapped multi-pack for a good shelf image. Use of shrink bundling reduces secondary packaging costs by eliminating the need for corrugated and paperboard material. For those products where a tray is desirable, the shrink bundled package can encompass that element.

“Bundle wrapped packages will be the next packaging format to be prominent in retail stores after having first penetrated the warehouse store market,” noted Thomas Bacon, president of The Aaron Thomas Company, Inc. “Retailers will be pleased at the added ‘ring’ value from shrink bundled products—a sales volume benefit that the warehouse market has already realized.”

Aaron Thomas’ recent and planned investment in costly state-of-the-art shrink bundling equipment allows its customers to conserve their own capital budgets and yet have their products expertly shrink bundled on the best available equipment.

Regardless of the size of the packaging run, Aaron Thomas offers flexible production scheduling and just-in-time delivery for both established branded products and products in the test market phase.