Overwrapping and Flow Wrapping Services

Overwrapping offers a more cost-effective means of loosely containing pre-packaged items or printed material in a see-through, opaque or printed tamper-resistant medium.

Flow WrappingAlso known as “fin seal wrapping”, “fin sealing”, “cello wrapping” or even “flow wrapping,” we’ve used this popular packaging service on a wide range of projects, including multi-million piece premium giveaways for national fast food chains.

Overwrapping is a HFFS packaging process where items are wrapped with film and sealed on the two short ends and down the rear of the package.

Additionally, multiple items can be simultaneously overwrapped and the finished item can even be incorporated into another package.

We can use print-registered or random print on clear or opaque film structures to create an appealing, tamper-safe package for everything from magazines and stickers to phone cards, collector cards, miscellaneous premiums and much, much more.

Overwrapping and Flow Wrapping

  • Two Sealing Options—Choose from fin or “tuck and fold” (often referred to as “cigarette-style”) seals, depending on your product and priorities. Fin seals are ideal for flat items like phone cards, trading cards, on-packs, or promotional items, while “tuck and fold” works for games and DVD packages.
  • High Volume Capacity—Our eight fin seal lines run between 100 and 200 pieces per minute. We produce millions of units a week on a regular basis.
  • Many Film Choices—We can work with oriented polypropylene (OPP) film in clear or opaque configurations. Our wrappers run plain, print registered or random print. We also utilize food-grade films, Mylar® films, poly-foil, paper-poly and other materials.

Case Study: Quick As A Bunny

Approaching the important Easter selling season, a leading candy and snack food manufacturer reviewed incoming orders and realized that they had overproduced on some of the Easter-related SKUs. We took in their excess inventory (over 800 pallets in all) and reconfigured it into three-unit packs, created a special corrugated blister card, overwrapped everything together and loaded them into specially designed display pallets.

By moving quickly and deploying our capital assets in an extremely productive manner, we were able to meet a very tight time frame while helping our customer avoid a significant loss and expand their presence in the warehouse club retail locations.