Our Locations

Four Locations to Serve You

Aaron Thomas Company has facilities in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Memphis. “With our four locations, our client’s products are now within a day’s travel of 80% of the population,” says Aaron Bacon, President of Aaron Thomas Company. “This is crucial in these days of high transportation costs and just-in-time packaging planning.”

Our Locations


Metropolises such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Memphis have the infrastructure and industries to provide competitive pricing on most packaging components. Additionally, when combined, these cities are within a day’s drive of the majority of the population in America.

For example, you may have your headquarters in Florida but if your client’s distribution center is in the mid-west, it may make sense to package your product in Memphis or Chicago.

Or consider products you have manufactured overseas. Instead of receiving your product into a California port, transporting the product to your warehouse on the east coast for inspection, secondary packaging, and distribution, it may make sense to use a contract packager in Los Angeles.

Or perhaps you are planning a national roll-out. Instead of packaging and shipping your item from a single location, it may make sense to divide the project into two or three manageable pieces and have different geographic locations produce your items.

As gas and oil prices continue to increase, more and more smart businesses will look to outsource their requirements to areas close to their end users or main manufacturing plants.

It’s like the old adage says, it’s all about “location, location, location…”