Shrink Wrapping Services

At the Aaron Thomas Company, we know shrink wrapping like we know the back of our hand. We’ve been doing it since 1973.

Thanks to continual reinvestment in the newest, most versatile automated shrink wrapping equipment and maintaining a thoroughly trained and dedicated support staff, we have the capacity to produce over 100,000,000 shrink wrapped items annually.

Ideal for products or promotions where multiple items are to be presented at retail in an appealing, tamper-resistant manner, shrink wrapping accounts for over half of everything we do. What’s more, we stock a wide variety of different types of shrink film to assure each job gets up and running without delay.

Shrink Wrapping

  • Highest Quality—We use only the highest-grade shrink wrapping films that meet or exceed all industry-specific standards, including food-grade material. Our shrink wrap film packages are completely retail ready.
  • High Speed—We help you beat impossible production targets with shrink wrap lines run at up to 120 packages per minute. Shrink bundling lines run at approximately 35 packages per minute. Shrink sleeve and shrink band lines run at 60 packages per minute. With over 20 in-house lines, we are equipped to handle the most challenging assignment.
  • Versatility—Two full production shifts are available to accommodate the tightest deadlines. Our shrink lines are capable of handling extra-long product lengths or something as small as a cassette.
  • Low Unit Cost—Our cost-effective shrink bundling service (bull’s-eye end seals) is perfect for heavy, bulky merchandise, such as canned goods or tray packs.
  • Semi-Automatic & High-Speed Fully Automatic Options—For your shrink-wrapping needs, we have semiautomatic and high-speed fully automatic wrappers in form-fill-seal and side seal configurations.

Case Study: A Market They Might Have Missed

Not too long ago, a major soft drink company approached us about helping them with the launch of a new bottled water product. Because it involved distribution channels that were new to them, they relied on Aaron Thomas Company to make the item work at retail.

We began by transferring the product from their in-house plastic carriers to special 24-bottle display trays we had created just for them. Using a printed shrink wrap machine we had purchased expressly for this assignment, we bundle wrapped each tray for a secure and cohesive retail presentation.

Thanks to the new shrink wrap equipment and resourceful planning, we were able to cut our normal turn-around time in half to produce about 20 trailer loads of bundle shrink wrapped trays daily and help them meet demand during peak selling periods.

In addition to cutting costs and meeting an extremely tight schedule, Aaron Thomas Company helped put this company in a new market they couldn’t have otherwise served.