Blister Packaging Services

For optimum resistance to damage or theft, fully transparent custom thermoform clamshell packaging or blister packaging are ideal.

Blister CardsOffering rigidity and impact resistance not available in other contract packaging options, blisters and clamshells are made-to-order for applications requiring security, transparency and an outer surface that closely conforms to the contours of the product.

Whether you prefer a blister sealed card or an RF sealed (Radio Frequency) clam shell case for a secure, more visual package, we have all the equipment and expertise necessary to assemble, load and RF seal any project you may have planned.

At the Aaron Thomas Company, we have the packaging resources and expertise to make your clam shell package or blister packaging project come together on time, on budget and with a virtually undetectable level of loss due to damage.

Clamshell and Blister Packaging

  • Custom-Configured Solutions—Every clamshell or blister package we produce is custom-crafted to conform to the dimensions of your product. We also make it a point to look at every possible merchandising scenario before making our packaging recommendation.
  • We Can Bring It All Together—We can source throughout the marketplace for all printed media, clamshells, blisters, and blister cards to bring you a fair price and a turnkey operation.
  • Different Seals For Different Jobs—Blister seals are typically induced with heat or radio frequency (RF) bursts. Clam shells, which are often snap-fit, may also be RF-sealed for additional security.
  • We Have The Packaging Solution—We can vary the degree and intensity of automation on each job according to its cost and volume requirements. On blister packaging for example, we offer a three tier packaging solution depending on your volume and budget: shuttle, semi-automatic, and fully automatic clamshell sealing solutions.

Case Study: Putting A New Face On A Trusted, Familiar Brand

Not long ago, a prominent manufacturer of self-adhesive labels was in the process of adopting a new corporate identity. Consequently, they were looking for a new packaging system that would compliment this new marketing direction.

Using tools and equipment purchased especially for this assignment, Aaron Thomas Company was instrumental in helping them convert from their existing chipboard boxes to an integrated line of hinged clamshell packages for all items in their line. Over the course of 15 months, we processed in excess of 15,000,000 clamshell units, providing a smooth and orderly transition to this new packaging system.