Pallet Displays

Warehouse stores and other “big box” club stores have redefined the way America shops for food and other products. Merchandisers and manufacturers now sell product on pallet displays instead of individually on store shelves.

Our contract packaging display services in this area range from pre-loading special warehouse club store displays with merchandise and then palletizing and staging them for shipment, to assembly and packaging unique, multiple-piece products.

We maintain multiple, fully-staffed contract packaging assembly lines in three strategically nationwide locations to assist a wide range of clients on a continuous basis.

We can also inventory your assembled packaged items and manage distribution on an as-needed basis. Because of the unique nature of each packaging project, our custom assembly lines can be quickly reconfigured to meet any pallet display or POP display (point-of-purchase display) requirement.

Pallet Displays and Assembly

  • Retail Displays—Over the years, we have successfully built and fabricated a wide range of retail displays, including pallet displays, end-of-aisle displays, standalone displays, and point-of-sale or point-of-purchase displays.
  • Custom Assembly—We also work closely with all types of companies with all types of products in collating, assembling and packaging different multi-piece products and preparing them for retail sale.
  • Versatile Resources—Thanks to extensive floor space and extremely mobile production lines, our facilities can be easily reconfigured to meet any project requirement.
  • Distribution Support—We are experts in the areas of national product roll outs, multiple drop shipments, inventory management and an array of other logistical support functions.

Case Study: Making a Customer’s Promise Come True

When the maker of a new line of dolls was drawing up plans to maximize what they projected to be a relatively short, but intense product life cycle, they wanted to maximize every sales opportunity by guaranteeing their dealers shipments on all orders within 24 hours.

We worked closely with them in developing special packaging and retail displays for this new line. We also served as their de facto shipping department during this promotion by maintaining inventory on all current items as well as cross-docking of shipments inbound from their overseas suppliers. The result was an astounding on-time delivery record that helped lead this whimsical doll collection to the top of the sales charts in the toy industry for several years in a row.