Packaging Services

From primary to secondary packaging, the Aaron Thomas Company has the packaging services and expertise to meet your most demanding packaging needs.

In fact, we have been packaging the products America buys since 1973. Our three locations (Southern California, Chicago and Memphis) are strategically located to enhance your critical just-in-time food manufacturing and packaging requirements.


We offer vertical or horizontal, form, fill, and sealing services. We can fill 3- or 4-sided pouches—as well as stand-up pouches with zippers—fabricated in-line from roll stock.

Stick Packaging

Sticks get their name from its shape, which is long and skinny like a stick of gum. The packs themselves are sealed on two shorts ends and have a seal down the back. Great for convenience!

Bundle Wrapping

Ideal for plastic and glass bottles, cans and jars of food, beverage, and household products, our shrink bundle service groups multiple items into combo, variety and rainbow packs

Flow Wrapping

Also known as “fin-seal wrapping” or “overwrapping,” we’ve used this popular service on a wide range of projects, including multi-million piece premiums for national fast food chains.

Shaped Pouches

Shaped pouching has become increasingly popular for product samples. Imaging offering samples of your product in shaped pouches that match your bottles.

Tube Filling

We have the capacity to fill up to 60 tubes per minute and we can fill metal, plastic and laminate tubes and multiple closure styles. We can handle viscosities to 3 million centipoise.

Blister Packaging

Blisters and clamshells are made-to-order for applications requiring security, transparency and an outer surface that closely conforms to the contours of the product.

Shrink Wrapping

Thanks to our continual reinvestment in the newest, most versatile automated equipment, we have the capacity to produce over 100,000,000 shrink wrapped items annually!

Pallet Display Assembly

Our assembly services range from pre-loading special warehouse club store displays with merchandise, to assembly and packaging unique, multiple-piece products.