Stick Pack Packaging Services

Stick packs are a type of flexible pouch suitable for food packaging. Stick packaging gets its name from its shape, which is long and skinny like a stick of gum. The packs themselves are sealed on two shorts ends and have a seal down the back.

Stick PacksThey are a specific form of vertical fill, form and seal (VFFS) pouching. The material can be paper or plastic and can be printed or plain.

Stick packs have been around for a number of years but they have been experiencing resurgence as of late because of a new market for flavored products. Sugar substitutes, diet drink mixes, energy drinks and vitamin waters have all driven the need for this type of food packaging.

Benefits of Stick Packs

The primary benefit of stick packaging over other forms of food packaging is the convenience. Stick packs are narrow so it makes it easy to pour the contents of the package into the neck of a bottle of water. Also, a single stick pack conveniently holds a single serving size so it is compact and fits neatly in your purse or backpack.

But another benefit of a stick pack is that it is smaller than a sugar pack or portion pack so the impact on the environment is less than other forms of packaging.

Additionally, because the packs are small and are produced on dedicated machines the production rates are high and the per-item costs are low. Stick packs are a very economical and efficient form of food packaging.