Contract Packaging

A contract packager (or co-packer) is a company or organization that provides a myriad of packaging services ranging from the simple to the complex. Packagers may be asked to label a box or to X-ray jars for contaminates.

About Contract Packaging

Inhouse or OutsourceA contract packager acts as an extension of your own company. Our quality and inventory control procedures operate at the standards and specification you specify when you enlist our services.

Some contract packagers specialize in liquid filling, some in shrink wrapping, and some in blister sealing. Some contract packagers utilize manual machinery and others have invested in high-speed automatic equipment. Some contract packagers have a small building in a single location and others have multiple warehouse and production facilities across the nation.

A contract packager is a company that manufactures and packages products for other companies to market and distribute. A contract packager works under contract with the hiring company to manufacture product as though the products were manufactured directly by the hiring company.

What it really comes down to is this: a contract packager is a service organization. We do what you don’t want to do. We provide the labor, equipment, location, and knowledge to create or assemble the very best package for your company’s product.

When choosing a contract packaging service, you should use a wide range of selection criteria. And, depending on the personality of you and your company and the nature of the project on which the contract packager will by working, place more or less emphasis on each of those criteria.

Contract Packaging Resources

For more information on contract packaging, visit the Contract Packaging Association.