The Benefits of Using a Copacker

27 March 2014
Posted by Aaron Thomas

Benefits of Using a Copacker

From pouches and cello wrapping to sampling and secondary packaging, a copacker can become an extension of your company’s packaging operations. Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, start-up company or marketer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs), contract packaging companies can deliver a solution to satisfy all your needs and requirements. Because of it’s ability to optimize the efficiency and productivity of operations, a copacker is significantly considered as a ‘key’ element, rather than a ‘value added’ extra. So, what is contract packaging?

Contract packaging (also known as copacking) usually involves outsourcing the company’s secondary packaging demands (for example packets or outer boxes) to make their products “shelf-ready”. Secondary packing has become a competitive benefit for manufacturers, specifically in the field of food and beverages and pharmaceutical markets as it’s a rich zone for operational efficiency. In today’s economic climate, contract packing has become more desirable as the best way of accomplishing large projects without having to take on additional staff, tools and equipment.

Benefits of Using a Copacker

The focus of any contract packaging business is to offer packaging services that fulfill the requirements of each and every product they take care of. Their staff members, training-programs, packaging equipment, and software are all customized to handle product packaging solutions. This will make their processes quicker, more specialized, as well as cost-effective.

Less investment

An effectively geared up packager has the production facilities, equipment, experienced team, and training that let you to deliver your product without the need of making an investment in space, employees and equipment. Employing a contractor may also help you take additional risks by creating products that you do not have the amenities or experience to produce packaging for. It’ll help you bring more creativity and innovation to your production unit.

State of the Art Equipment

Contract packaging companies often utilize a combination of automatic machinery, conveyor systems, employees and perhaps robots to package the product. Automatic bottle fillers can easily package liquid items like water, lotions and soups. These packaging machines aren’t only used for filling the product packaging, but to sort, code, label, clean and fill up containers for shipment as well.

Environment Friendly

These companies often look for ways to lower your expenses by trying to minimize the wastes used by their products. Also, they pick out the most effective approach to transport and deliver the items so the expenses aren’t passed on to the customer. Using recycled items and educating customers about recycling also can help cut cost and minimize waste.

Quicker Output

Since many contract packagers are expert package designers and producers, their business decisions are supposed to enhance the performance, cost-effectiveness, as well as speed. By involving a contract packaging company early-on in the process of your product development, they could be completely setup and ready to roll the minute you’ve developed your product, bringing down the lead-time to market, and aiding you to move your stock promptly. If you employ a centrally situated contractor, they can also help you carry out your nationwide distribution in a better and faster way.

Additional Services

Generally, these companies provide a range of value-added services, such as thermoforming, contract sewing, bar coding as well as fulfillment services. Making use of these services could be a fantastic way to concentrate on enhancing your own manufacturing operations. By getting rid of the cost needed for distribution equipment and strategic planning through outsourcing, your production unit can shave more dollars off production expenses.

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