How Packaging can Help Market and Sell Products

16 December 2023
Posted by Aaron Thomas

Product Design

Packaging has been one of the primary tools in selling products for the past half-century. In fact, most people have at one time or another purchased a product based on packaging alone. Numerous studies have demonstrated how effective it can increase visibility and the attractiveness of a product, which makes it more sellable and can promote the proper brand awareness.

However, packaging is more than just the pretty face of the product, it also conveys a considerable amount of important information that customers use to determine their purchase. For businesses that are looking to generate more potential customers and increase sales conversions, a renewed focus on packaging is necessary.

How to Improve the Design of Your Product

While every product is different, the information that you want your packaging to deliver is roughly the same. The packaging should be attractive, informative and help convey the importance to the customer of having it for their own. What follows are the basic areas of packaging that need to be improved in order to gain more sales.
Name of the Product: Basically, the name has to fit the product. Effective product names are short, to the point, are easy to remember, spell and relate in some fashion the purpose of the product. You do not want your product name to be jarring or off-putting to the actual product itself.

Information: The more pertinent information you provide, the more trust you will build with consumers. If you are selling a food product, then having accurate nutritional information that highlights the advantages is important for customers. For other types of products, how they are useful and what makes them a “must-buy” is vital information as well.

Color Consistency: Here, you want the colors to reflect the type of product that is being sold. It doesn’t have to match the color of the product itself, but it does need to be related to how a customer should feel about owning it. For example, bright, attractive colors are perfect for selling fun products while more toned-down colors can represent reliability or durability for tools as an example.

Brand Identification: Packaging not only sells the product but the business that makes the product as well. Proper brand identification is vital towards gaining consumer confidence and selling even more products. In this case, packaging can establish trust with consumers.

Clarity: Above all, all aspects of the packaging need to be very clear and free of any confusion. This is very important in sales conversion because quite often consumers may be ready to purchase a product, but if they find something confusing in the information or presentation of the packaging, it may very well stay on the shelf.

Format: Pouching, boxes, or canisters? Should you consider eco-friendly formats? More and more consumers are concerned about plastics being released into the environment. Rigid paper containers may interest your customers and increase your sales.

When you focus on getting the design just right, you do more than just boost sales. You create important brand identification that can help sell other products in your business as well. For the future of your business efforts, take the proper time to get the packaging to match the product that you are selling.

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