How Offering Product Samples Can Grow Your Business

13 September 2014
Posted by Aaron Thomas

Product Samples

The use of product samples is an essential part of marketing strategies employed by both small and large corporations. Samples serve many functions when incorporated in an overall marketing campaign and can boost initiatives built around the new product. Businesses that offer samples focus on expanding their customer base. Here are some of the benefits that businesses can reap from offering product samples.

Creating a Strong Relationship

When you give product samples to prospective customers, you create a strong relationship between the brand and the consumer. People will associate your business with the amazing experience of getting something free and, of course, effective and enjoyable. When you win customers over with a nice gift, they are likely to give the product a chance and try it again. If a customer has to make a choice between two businesses with one handing out samples while the other does not, he/she would definitely opt for the former.


Since customers are unfamiliar with a new product, they may become wary of its reliability, impact or effectiveness. By offering samples, you minimize the fear of the unknown and give them an opportunity to test your product risk-free. If a customer likes your sample, he/she would definitely be inclined to purchase the product and share it with his/her family and friends. Gaining consumer confidence and trust is the first and most important step towards establishing brand loyalty.

Consumer Feedback

By offering samples, you are welcoming consumer feedback about the product. When people use a new product, they usually note its positive side and drawback, and often, they compare the new product with its competitors. This allows you to learn your target market, so that if necessary, you can improve the product to exceed consumer expectation and have a competitive edge.

Extended Benefits

Sometimes, the use of product samples to promote a business can extend beyond the recipient. Consumers who like your sample and find it worthwhile may feel inclined to spread the word to family and friends. This word-of-mouth campaign may prove to be more effective than even the original sample at creating interest and attracting potential customers. The sample simply sets the ball rolling.

Today, marketers no longer concentrate on putting product samples in supermarkets. They employ creative strategies to distribute these samples and influence consumer choices by putting their products in the right places. For example, many companies distribute sample packs effectively in trade shows.

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