Ways of Using Shaped Pouches As Marketing Tools

23 January 2018
Posted by Aaron Thomas

Shaped Pouches as Marketing Tools

Innovation and creativity in the packaging industry have surged in the last decade. Shaped pouches have become increasingly popular in this industry, revolutionizing everything we ever knew about packaging. This trend of using flexible pouches to promote a brand, a product or a service, has not only captured the hearts and minds of the consumers but has taken over major stores’ aisles. Whether we’re talking about drink pouches or those used in the food, pet food or pharmaceutical industry, these high-quality pouches allow for impressive graphics, taking visual marketing to a whole new level.

There is no doubt that shaped pouches have been a game changer in most industries today. The customers’ feedback has been outstanding, as most of them rave about the shaped pouches’ durability, convenience, and flawless graphics.

Ways to Use Shaped Pouches in Marketing

Shaped pouches can greatly enhance marketing efforts, allowing a company to differentiate from the rest. Here are some ways to use this modern promotion & packaging technique as a marketing tool.

  • Promote Shelf Products: first of all, shaped pouches can be created in various sizes and shapes, being customized according to the customers’ feedback. Customers are more attracted to the design of a product that looks unique. For instance, you can create a toothpaste tube for toothpaste or a pasta tube for pastas.
  • Endless Printing Possibilities: you can print your pouch using rotogravure, flexographic or offset printing methods. Hence, you can create shaped pouches with vibrant colors and photos, vivid logos or strikethrough letters.
  • Give Away Small Pouches at Events: small pouches can be offered for free at an event, whether it is a presentation, exposition, trade show or a meeting. This is a good method to make your brand famous among potential customers.
  • Capitalize on the Power of Social Media: create a Facebook fan page and promote your shaped pouches design extensively. People will definitely want to try out your products just because you are packing them in shaped pouches.

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One of our largest sellers last year was our bottle shaped pouch. The top of the pouch is easily torn away presenting the user with a spout that is naturally drinkable.

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