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1 September 2008
Posted by Aaron Thomas

Polyethylene Film

Looking for the “next big thing” in packaging? It’s bundle wrapping!

Food and beverage companies are using colorful graphics to package their large and bulky items in bold new ways. You may already be familiar with trays of bottled water engulfed in printed film bearing the likeness of beautiful mountains or picturesque island scenes. But and more and more products are switching to printed bundle film every day. Soon you may see cans of soup, packs of soda and beer, and even items such as kitty litter bundle wrapped in printed film.

Why? The visual impact the packaging has on the consumer is the driving force behind this new wave of multi-packing. People are buying it.

But is bundle wrapping in printed film right for your product?

You will want to examine the cost of using printed film. Minimum film orders are usually in the tens of tons and typical production runs are in the tens of thousands. Also, depending on the packaging, the cost of film may be more or less than your existing packaging solution.

And then you have to consider the impact new packaging could have on your sales. For example, if you sell soda, you may determine that the cost of printed film is more than plastic rings, but the graphic impact may move product off the shelves quicker for just few pennies more.

Hands down the printed polyethylene wins over chipboard and corrugated cases or trays for visual impact. Perhaps by switching to bundle film with a great graphic design, your products will fly out of the coolers and off the pallets faster your competitor’s products that are still packaged in plain-Jane trays or clear shrinkable film. Projections are that club sales are going to skyrocket with products wrapped in printed polyethylene film.

If you are considering new packaging for your product, why not take advantage of the increased billboard area afford by bundle wrapping your multi-packs in printed film? Printed polyethylene makes great looking packages, great point of sale impact, and increased sales.

Printed bundle wrapping film has the title of the “next big thing” all wrapped up.

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