Introduction to Contract Packaging

8 October 2013
Posted by Aaron Thomas

Introduction to Contract Packager

Have you ever wondered how inconvenient it would be to carry your shampoo without the cover bottle, or buying those little medicines without a pouch, it surely would have been very frustrating and quite messy. Well, to save you from all these complications, a contract packager is the service you need.

Contract packaging is a term which defines the process of getting manufactured products packaged by professional contractors to ensure convenience for the both the users and in transporting them. The only thing you need is to deliver them your products or food items and be assured as they will use the best possible bags or pouches available, to make your product be safe and attractive.

Benefits of Using a Contract Packager

Benefits of using contract packaging services:

  1. Keeps the product safe from environmental changes and other external effects.
  2. A neat, creative packaging highlights the product among others in a shop or grocery store which ultimately results into increased sales.
  3. Since the packaging contractors use high speed, automated packaging technique, it ensures that the product takes less time before it is available in the market.
  4. The manufacturers can concentrate on products quality and quantity once the packaging process is taken care of.
  5. You gain access to their certificates, skill sets and machinery that you otherwise could not afford.

Whoever says nothing is perfect has not heard about the modern packaging techniques employed by the contractors. Even the perishable food items and those which are prone to degradation due to moisture are kept healthy and safe inside the air tight packets and bags.

What are the different effective packaging designs?

Many of us believe that packaging is a very simple process and does not require any specification, ask a contract packager the same thing and he’ll tell you exactly how complex can the packaging of certain food items or other commodities get.

Here are some of the prominent packaging techniques used by contractors across the globe:

  • Blister Packaging: It is a transparent yet rigid form of packaging often called the clamshell packaging.
  • Bundle wrapping: An ideal packaging for glass bottles and plastic jars of food, beverages etc, bundle wrapping involves wrapping the product with attractive plastic films.
  • Overwrapping: Overwrapping is best used for loose pre-packaging items often in the form of thousands of coupons or other paper work that needs to be bundled together.
  • Pallet displays: This kind of packaging is done with the sole purpose of attracting customers and is often used at merchandise stores and other retail outlets.
  • Pouching: Ideal for packaging products in bulk, pouching is available both for smaller as well as the bigger sized items.
  • Shrink Wrapping: Most widely used for packaging multiple products in an attractive and presentable manner.

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