Innovative Packaging

3 April 2009
Posted by Aaron Thomas


Many of the products that have been innovative over the years have been successful as a result of packaging which has done its job. When the packaging is well made and well developed, you will fall in love with the product as a result. Sometimes the success of a product is completely dependent upon packaging that works. Everything needs packaging in some form of another, and when the packaging works, the product contained within is likely to work as well.

Examples of Innovative Packaging

There have been a wide variety of different product packaging innovations that have come to make our lives a lot easier. There are also a number of different types of packaged products that we tend to simply take for granted, without necessarily realizing how the packaging made the product possible. For example, could we have potato chips or eggs without their packages? There are dozens of different egg drop contests all over the country that are held to create unique packaging options for eggs. Could we have toothpaste without the unique packing that makes it possible? Could we pop microwave popcorn without its unique bag?

There is a truly astounding list of packaging innovations that have been able to influence our everyday lives. There are a lot of keywords that are regularly used when describing innovations in the world of product packaging, including terms like microwavable, shelf-stable, juice box, meal replacement and home meal are all terms that have come as direct results from innovations in the world of product packaging.

What many companies are now facing is how they can integrate innovative packaging concepts into their own project packaging in order to get the most out of their product packaging while utilizing the newest technologies as well as the most effective ways of packaging something.

How Can You Improve Your Packaging?

How can you take your current type of packaging and somehow improve upon it? Looking at packaging innovations in the food industry is an excellent way to see how companies have been able to make packaging work for them. For examples, Sargento cheese was the first cheese company to put a reclosable zipper on the packaging for their shredded cheese. Wishbone Salad Dressing was the first company to develop salad dressing that could be sprayed rather than poured. Clorox developed a bleaching application capable of being applied directly to a stain, a Clorox bleach pen.

By looking at these examples, it should not be impossible for you to see what it means to make packaging work for you. If your product can be improved upon in some way based on its packaging, or if you can somehow develop packaging that is innovative, then you are definitely making your packaging work for you.

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