How Giving Away Sample Packs Can Increase Your Bottom Line

7 November 2013
Posted by Aaron Thomas


Despite the new world of online businesses, social media marketing and website advertising, it is true that some traditional sales methods are still the best in terms of pulling in new customers. One of the oldest and most effective means of reaching new customers is by giving away sample packs of product.

Giving away samples goes back many centuries as a tried and true method of attracting new customers. Basically, it adds instant identification, customer satisfaction and increases the number of people who are aware of your business if you use the right methods of giving away samples to the public.

Samples come in many different varieties from small, inexpensive stick packs, games, pouches, pens to actually giving away a part of to the entire product itself. Businesses that have mastered the art of free samples as a means of improving their bottom line have spent the time, effort and resources to make it work for them.

What Type of Sample Packs should you Give Away?

Ideally, you should give away sample packs that are related to the normal products that you sell. Many of you are probably familiar with small sample pouches of shampoo, conditioner or soap that are given away by companies that sell those very same items in larger quantities.

However, it may not be possible to give away your products as samples if they are too large, too expensive or cannot be given away in pieces such as an automobile for example. In this case, the next best step is to give away samples that are useful with the type of product you sell. For example, companies that sell smartphones will often give away smart phone cases as samples.

If you cannot think of anything inexpensive related to your product to use as free samples, then you can always give away inexpensive items with your brand name and logo stamped onto the product. It’s common at sporting events to have inexpensive plastic balls with the logo of a sponsoring company given away at the game. You can also use pens, cases, stick packs, pouches and the like that can hold your company logo.

What are the Benefits of Giving Away Free Samples?

There are many benefits to giving away free samples for your business. Any one of these benefits may greatly increase the number of customers who buy products from your business.

Brand Awareness: Putting your name out in the public at events, trade shows and the like will expose your business to customers that otherwise might never have become aware of what you do.

Create Leads: The best way to build leads is to give people samples that they can use. This is perhaps the best reason to give away free samples as it good word of mouth can reap great benefits.

More Traffic: You gain greater public exposure by giving away the right type of samples for your business, creating more traffic for your website or business.

Effective use of free sample packs can help boost your business reputation, create greater brand awareness and open you up to new customers that traditional means of marketing might not have reached. Giving away free samples should be a part of every business marketing plan. So call us today if you’d like to discuss adding sample packs to your overall marketing plan.

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