Giving Up On Convenience Packaging?

14 October 2008
Posted by Aaron Thomas

Convenience Packaging

What would you give up to save the world? What types of packaging could you do without?

A recent survey of consumers by the Nielsen Global Food Packaging says that almost half of global consumers would give up all forms of convenience packaging if it benefited the environment.

This includes packaging that make stacking/storing in the home easier (49%), packaging that can be used for cooking or is resealable (48%) and easily transportable packaging (47%).

Making up the list of things shoppers were least willing to give up was packaging that helped keep products clean and untouched by other humans (27%); packaging meant to keep products in good condition (30%); information on packaging which includes food labeling, cooking and usage instructions (33%) and packaging which helps to preserve the product (34%). Ten percent of consumers said they were not prepared to give up any packaging that would benefit the environment.

Does it matter what country you live in?

Lifestyles and regional factors played a key role in the considerations for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. Most North Americans and Europeans said that they would give up packaging designs which aided in storage and stacking at home, and they would also give up resealable packs that could be used for cooking. However, only 42% of Asians said they would be willing to give up stackable and storable packaging, and less than 40% would give up easy transport packaging. In countries like Finland, Ireland, and New Zealand, over 70% of respondents said that would give up stack-and-store packaging. Over 65% of Irish, New Zealand, and Czech customers would give convenience packaging to benefit the earth.

So, what packaging would you give up to save the world? That depends on where you live and how much convenience you are willing to live without.

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