Snack Food Manufacturing

We are manufacturers of snack foods and organic food blends. We are your manufacturing partner.

Contract snack food manufacturing involves the automated manufacturing of bulk components into a variety of different finished goods. The Aaron Thomas Company is your one-stop resource for snack food manufacturing and packaging.

Whether it’s puffs, chips, of chews. We have the manufacturing equipment and the expertise to produce your snack food to meet or exceed your in-house standards.

Snack Food Manufacturing Services

  • Snack Extrusion—Our precision-engineered automatic equipment can extrude your snack food and cut it to your specific length and shape.
  • Dried Fruit Blending—Fruit adds exciting flavors and textures to your snack food. We can help you take your flavors to the next level.
  • Pressure Popped Crisp Manufacturing—Our popping lines are fully automatic, saving time and money on every job.
  • Dry and Wet Seasoning—Gone are the days of salt and pepper! Take your flavors to market in wet or dry form.
  • Snack Variety Pack Manufacturing and Assembly—In addition to manufacturing, we also have the expertise and experience to make variety packs and pallet displays. We have worked with some of the world’s largest snack food companies and retail stores in the nation.

Snack Food ManufacturingOur fleet of ribbon and drum blenders allow Aaron Thomas to handle most any type of contract manufacturing that you need. We are happy to use your formula, raw materials, and packaging and turn it into a finished product… or we can provide turnkey services. Either way, whether you provide all of the components or you need us to provide we are here to be your manufacturing partner.